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The Haiku Product Suite For Education

Make cybersecurity training as real as it gets with Haiku Pro.

Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving challenge demanding an incredibly dynamic level of knowledge. No wonder there were millions of unfilled cyber jobs in 2022. But your school can easily keep pace, stay relevant and increase revenue by offering Haiku Pro.

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What is Haiku Pro?

Haiku Pro is a revolutionary new application that uses real-world challenges to help students develop marketable cybersecurity skills in our engaging "open world" networks. It provides a truly exciting and contemporary experience that can give them the skills they need to succeed.

Real-World Scenarios

Students work on full networks with multiple servers and face real-world challenges such as:

  • Dark web infiltration
  • Forensic challenges
  • Real time cyber defense challenges
  • Buffer overflows

Plus, our patented scoring engine allows for more than simple cutting and pasting of a flag. Haiku Pro scores according to changes made to the range.

Organize Learning with Skill Trees

Transferable Hacking Skills

Help students develop real offensive, defensive, and forensic cybersecurity skills employers want now—in the Offensive, Defensive, and Forensics learning paths.

Unlike other cyber ranges or hacking simulators, our patented scoring engine lets students install malware, open and close ports, and change system parameters to complete their challenges.

Plus, Haiku Pro's unique and exciting gamified design ensures students will stay engaged.

Career Connections

Haiku Job Connect provides context for the skills students develop in the range by showing them actual jobs requiring those skills. Haiku Skillz Resume™ lets students advertise their hours of hands-on time spent on various skills to potential employers..

Haiku Pro also teaches skills that parallel training for these frameworks and certifications:

  • NICE Framework*
  • Mitre Att@ck Framework*
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)*
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)*
* in development

Schools and Organizations Benefit For Real

Add new curriculum quickly and easily

Our cloud-based solution is accessible from any web browser.

Attract more students

Haiku Pro helps you stay on the cutting edge.

Tailor curriculum to align with specific coursework

Create your own cybersecurity challenges and courses easily without any cloud technical knowledge. **

Increase revenues and profits

Haiku Pro is priced to maintain a very high level of value to your school and students. Bulk discounts are also available.

Key Features

Haiku Pro was designed to make cybersecurity training engaging, fun, and flexible.

Patented Architecture

Haiku Pro offers challenges that comparable cyber training tools can't.

Real Networks and Targets

For the most authentic training availalbe.

Easy Customization

The Vulcan Forge feature enables you to modify Haiku Pro to your specific curricula. **

** with Vulcan Forge tool, release anticipated Q4 2022

How the Haiku Product Suite Can Augment Your Cybersecurity Training Curriculum

The Haiku Career Training System

World of Haiku

World of Haiku is the first of its kind RPG game that teaches you real-world cybersecurity skills.

Who it's for:

  • You're interested in cybersecurity
  • Want to start learning real skills
  • Enjoy gaming
  • You have zero cybersecurity experience
World of Haiku

Haiku Pro provides an "open world" series of cloud based networks where Trainees can practice their skills on real computer networks.

Who it's for:

  • You have completed World of Haiku and want to keep learning
  • Have cybersecurity skills, want to advance them and earn certifications
World of Haiku

A premium feature in Haiku Pro that matches you with real jobs that align to the skills you develop.

Who it's for:

  • You're ready to become a cybersecurity professional
  • You want tailored job opportunities based on your skillset
World of Haiku

With the Haiku Skillz Resume Generator, students can demonstrate to employers their actual hands-on skills in addition to their badges earned through the Haiku Product Suite.

Who it's for:

  • You're ready to apply for that dream cybersecurity job and want that extra edge
  • You're a student demonstrating progress in a specific skillset to your instructor

Not a pro yet? Check out World of Haiku

World of Haiku is an exciting RPG (Role Playing Game) that trains players in specific cybersecurity skills which align with Certified Ethical Hacker training. With each mission, students understand how the real Linux operating system works and how to control tools like JohnTheRipper, Hydra, Nmap, Ping, SSH, plus many more.

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High Honors for Haiku

Haiku Pro in Action

SDSU logo

Haiku solutions are poised to help SDSU accomplish its mission of attracting, training and preparing the next generation of cyber pros.

With the introduction of Haiku products into their curriculum, SDSU is positioned to create a true workforce solution to this, speeding highly trained students into the cybercrime workforce.

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"Haiku solutions will help SDSU students go from zero to hero in a very short period of time"

John Callahan,
- Director, Cyber Tech Academy, SDSU

Turn Students into Cybersecurity Pros

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